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Meet "Phrenchie"(Angela French) founder of PHRENCHmade Hair Services. A Twenty year licensed Cosmetologist/Artist/Educator/Bridal and Texture Expert and Tricologist Practitioner specializing in All hair textures located in the heart of the DMV (DC, MD, VA). She is known to be a "Jack of All Textures" in her field of Hair Mastery. Honing her skills in the techniques of the past, the latest trends of the present, and future styles to come. Known for her Texture Management with natural and chemical hair care she is also an expert in extension/wig enhancements, custom cuts, coloring, bridal and braiding. Throughout her professional career she has always been dedicated to continuing her education. She's taken courses in the Tricology field under one of the first Certified Tricologist in the U.S., Evie Johnson. Along with taking this course and other classes on the latest techniques and trends with some of the top  brands in the industry. She has learned how to master all textures and help aid in restoring the growth of hair from the proper product knowledge and hair regimens that help grow healthy, manageable, maintainable hair.

Her journey into the Cosmetology field began in high school, and after graduating and receiving her license she worked part-time as a hair stylist. Deciding to further her scholastic education, her love of animals lead her to the Pre-Veterinarian major at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. While away in college she could not deny her passion for field of hair care. She made a vow to devote her working ethics to her already established clientele and building her future brand. As her skills and passion for her craft developed more in the Cosmetology field she realized hair care and management was truly her calling. After graduating with a B.S. Degree in Horticulture, she decided to continually perfect the knowledge of her craft in the hair industry.  She has always sought to make sure that all who sit her chair will leave it with the understanding of the importance of proper hair care whether they have natural or chemically treated hair.

Working alongside a variety of artists, models and a host of colleagues in the industry, she has developed a love of working with a diverse clientele and has come into her own as an expert artist behind the scenes of photoshoots, magazines, fashion shows, and movies. Some of her work has been featured in various hair magazines local & international such as; Washington Life, Global Women Magazine, Style Q, Like A Lion Magazine, KODD Magazine just to name a few. In 2014 she was given the honor of becoming an Educational Platform Artist under the L'Oréal Corporation with the Mizani hair brand. This being the second brand she has worked under, the Mizani brand helped open the doors to one of her dream goals of being a platform artist. During this new journey she was able to gain more access to networking, business opportunities, and has had the privilege of working behind the scenes at D.C. Fashion Week, Harlem Fashion week at the Apollo Theatre & various N.Y. Fashion Week shows with designers such as Samantha Black, Meika Joi (Rich Girl Candy) and Michael Costello and a few other well know or upcoming fashion designers. Accomplishing another goal was in 2015 working behind the scenes of a short film production movie with Eastward Films called "Days and Days". But style and grace are not just for the silver screen or the runway, they are also for that special day for Brides to be! Becoming an expert Bridal Artist is another passion she enjoys in the industry which called to her, and she believes that she can elevate your wedding day look that will have more heads turning than any leading lady or top model.

After some reflections she decided in 2016 to rebrand her business name from "Unique Styles by Phrenchie" to something truer to herself and she discovered "PHRENCHmade Hair Services". This name spoke high volumes to her because this means exactly what it says. The name embodies the drive to make everyone feel good about themselves from a simple salon visit, a special occasion, or a photoshoot session in a beautiful exotic place.  Phrenchie has a message to share to whomever crosses her path that's eager to learn how to manage their own hair. "Trying to maintain in this Texture World we live in can be challenging these days. This is why it is important for us Cosmetologist to help educate and guide everyone on this important but forgotten skill."


With such an evolving industry there is no limit to her craft....

Our vision is to provide as much knowledge on hair care along with the knowledge of how to maintain healthy hair. To help guide the path for those who may  wish to obtain this knowledge for their own gain or to share with others. It's a Wonderful Chain Reaction once its all said and done!

Our Vision

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