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"It is hard trying to find good a stylist. After tons of damage from color and weaves my hair was dead. I was prepared for the big chop, but Phrenchie brought me back to life! She taught me the importance of good hair care. You need quality hair care products to help stimulate and maintain hair growth. It's a process but my hair is longer, healthy and fabulous.

Mia H. 

"When you ask your stylist for something new for the summer and she gives you 70's Beyonce "frogoal" custom colored hair extensions, because it fits your personality! That's Talent and more...."

Sierra J.

"Very professional, extremely talented and punctual!! Hands down, I would choose PHRENCHmade Hair Services for any special occasion again and AGAIN! Thanks for making my wedding day special."

Catrice U.

                          -Keisha N.
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